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Southwest Schools

Archway Academy enjoys an important academic collaborative partnership with Southwest Schools.  We are honored to be a part of a partnership that truly values education for students who don’t always fit into the “traditional” school model.  This may be due to challenges faced in their addiction (e.g., behind in credits, gaps in course content, low motivation, negative reputation at school due to discipline issues, etc.).

Southwest Schools, a State Charter School governed by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), is proud to be considered a school of excellence for diverse learners.  Southwest Schools is funded through state and federal programs.  Archway Academy works with Southwest Schools to offer a comprehensive high school curriculum developed to accomplish the following goals:

  • Support sustained sobriety, through a healthy campus environment and coordination of care with referring offsite counselors.
  • Provide a quality education, addressing the varied learning styles of each student and improving all students’ academic skills so they can maximize their post-high school options.
  • Offer career and academic counseling for those who are college bound and for those who will enter the workforce after graduation.
  • Foster the spiritual, moral and academic growth of each student as a whole person.