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PayPal or Credit Card

Check Payment

Please mail your check to:

Archway Academy 
c/o Brooke Hudson
P.O.Box 4356, Department #1307
Houston, TX 77210-4356

Additional Options

1) Make a Pledge
Please download a Pledge Card by clicking here. Mail your completed Pledge Card to:

Archway Academy 
c/o Brooke Hudson
P.O.Box 4356, Department #1307
Houston, TX 77210-4356

2) In-Kind Donations
Please let us know if you can offer support through an in-kind donation of goods or services.

3) Honorarium/Memorial
A gift given in honor of someone, or as a memorial to someone dear to you. A card will be sent to the person being honored, or a family member of the person being remembered, at your request.

4) Endowment
Secure vital services for students and families in the years to come.

5) Bequest
Leave a lasting legacy by remembering Archway Academy in your will.


If you need further information or would like to discuss the following donation options, please contact Brooke Hudson, Director of Advancement, at 713.328.0780 or brooke.hudson@archwayacademy.org.

How You Can Help

We greatly appreciate your support of Archway Academy. With your help, we will continue to provide an education for these special students regardless of their ability to pay.

Financial Gifts

Only 27% of Archway Academy’s income comes from school fees; the school relies upon the generosity of donors and in-kind gifts for the remaining 73%. Approximately half of the students attending Archway are receiving full or partial scholarships. To date, no student has been turned away due to lack of funds, but the need for financial aid has grown steadily.

Tax-deductible donations can be made to Archway by credit card, check, or stock transfer.  Click the button above to donate. For more information, please contact Brooke Webster Hudson, Director of Advancement, at 713.328.0780 or brooke.hudson@archwayacademy.org.

Gifts of Time

In addition to financial gifts, donating your time is just as valuable. Archway is blessed with a wonderful volunteer Board of Directors that provides leadership, guidance, assistance with fundraising events, and utilization of their contacts to spread our mission throughout the community. We also have several enthusiastic parent volunteers who donate their time, cooking, and decorating skills for school events like Open House, Teacher Appreciation Day, and Graduation ceremonies.

Archway has two annual fundraising events- the Luncheon in the fall and Athletes for Archway in the spring. There are several volunteer opportunities at these events and during the weeks of preparation beforehand.

The Archway staff is always looking for interesting things to do with the students during Friday Fill-up. If you have a skill, hobby, or story you would like to share, please let us know.

In Kind Gifts

Archway’s “Wish List” of Donated Services:

  • Any type of printing (brochures, invitations, letterhead, t-shirts)
  • Centerpieces or décor for events
  • Marketing/promotional expertise or support

Archway’s “Wish List” of Donated Goods:

  • School supplies
  • Gift cards (rewards/incentives for outstanding student performance)
  • Food for school events

Where Your Dollars Go

Listed below are a few examples of how your gift to our annual campaign translates into helping Archway students, their families, and our community.

  • $8000 – Provides a full scholarship for one full year for an Archway student.
  • $5000 – Supports the Annual College Fair (schools with collegiate sobriety programs).
  • $1000 – Provides a partial scholarship for an Archway student.
  • $500 – Underwrites a college research trip.
  • $250 – Supports an academic field trip.
  • $100 – Provides essential supplies for teachers and students.
  • $50 – Provides monthly drug-testing fees.



“My mom and I lived in our car for a few months last year. If I didn’t have a scholarship to Archway, I wouldn’t be able to come. Plain and simple.” -Archway student

“I have a total of $1,000 to work with concerning my daughter per month and that must cover meds, psychiatrist, psychologist, and school.” – Archway parent

“I am recently divorced and my son came to live with me in June of this year, so I have not yet been able to claim him as my dependent. I am not receiving any child support and I have used up family resources. My family contributed generously to my son’s seven month stay at an in-patient rehab facility, and they can do no more.” – Archway parent

“I just re-financed my mortgage to pay for in-patient care at two drug treatment facilities. We’re at the bottom of the barrel.” -Archway parent


Archway Academy is a 501(c)(3) organization as determined by the Internal Revenue Service. Gifts are tax-deductible.