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Is Archway Academy for You?

Before the teachers and staff at Archway can help a student succeed, he or she has to show a willingness to uphold their end of the bargain!

If you meet the below criteria for one of the programs, click here to download the enrollment packets. Next, contact Archway Academy to schedule an interview and tour for both you and a parent or guardian at: 713.328.0780. Having as much of the application completed as possible, along with supporting documentation, will greatly speed up the admissions process.

For more information, please review the Student-Parent Handbook (2017 2018)

Archway Academy operates two programs; the traditional Archway program and Passageway at Palmer.

Archway Academy

Every student must:

  • Be an active member of an Alternative Peer Group, or “APG” program
  • Have a written referral from an approved representative of their APG, recommending that the student is ready to enter into Archway’s unique community
  • Have 60 days or more of sobriety, and at least 30 days post-residential treatment discharge, if applicable
  • Be working a 12-step program to the satisfaction of their counselor
  • Have developed a consistent working relationship with a sponsor
  • Be currently addressing other concerns related to mental health or 2nd stage recovery issues (i.e. bipolar disorder, depression, ODD, ADHD, eating disorder, anger management, sex and love addiction, codependency, etc.)
  • Be following APG recommendations for psychiatry and/or medication compliance
  • Exhibit a strong commitment to recovery

Passageway Program

Every student must:

  • Be an active member of an Alternative Peer Group, or in the process of joining one
  • Have one or more days sober
  • Show willingness to do school work and participate in therapeutic activities
  • Have bi-monthly counseling sessions with their APG counselor and/or outside therapist as recommended by APG
  • Have parents attending weekly parent meetings at APG (or as recommended by APG counselor)