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Passageway Program

The Passageway Program is designed specifically for students in early recovery (1 day to 60 days of sobriety) or right out of residential treatment. This program allows students who are on track to enroll at Archway but do not yet meet the criteria a chance to attend school and begin making progress towards their academic goals. It is a perfect blend of daily recovery support and academic work. Students in The Passageway Program must be one or more days sober and either a member of an Alternative Peer Group or under the care of a therapist/psychiatrist to enroll.

The Passageway Program Admission Criteria

Every student must:

  • Be an active member of an Alternative Peer Group, or in the process of joining one
  • Have one or more days sober
  • Show willingness to do school work and participate in therapeutic activities
  • Have bi-monthly counseling sessions with their APG counselor and/or outside therapist as recommended by APG
  • Have parents attending weekly parent meetings at APG (or as recommended by APG counselor)

If you meet the above criteria for the Passageway program, click here to download the application packet. Next, contact Archway Academy to schedule an interview and tour for both you and a parent or guardian at: 713.328.0780. Having as much of the application completed as possible, along with supporting documentation, will greatly speed up the admissions process.